On 23rd September 1963, Sijne Nauta started his commercial activities as a self-employed entrepreneur from Gouda, the Netherlands. His customers consisted out of key specialists, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY)-, hardware- and tool shops.

“You really have no idea what you are starting, I had no idea how this adventure would turn out. Our first warehouse was the trunk of my car, which was loaded in the morning and which had to be empty at night. Simply selling everything you have.”

The present organisation shows what kind of a development the company has gone through since 1963. A large increase in the number of customers, suppliers, products, turnover, staff and a number of moves to always larger buildings characterize the past of the family company Nauta. In 1993 Nauta has intentionally chosen for a division structure, in which the commercial activities were divided over three different divisions, which operate independently from the same office in Barneveld, operating under the names Nauta b.v., Nauta Security Storage b.v. and Nauta Sign b.v., of which the latter has become fully independent through a management buy-out in 2004. In 1997 founder and managing director Sijne Nauta has passed on the general management to his son Wybe Jan Nauta.

Also thanks to the efforts of its employees, faithful customers and many excellent suppliers, Nauta has been able to develop itself to a healthy company with unique product-market combinations, both nationally as internationally. Quality, service and reliability have been the key words for more than 40 years!

History; important events through the years


2000 Nauta b.v. participates in Sikkerhetsgrossisten AS in Norway.

Takeover of the ‘Sleutelconcept’ (Key concept) of wholesaler Burgman NV in Utrecht.
Participation in Nauta Key Sec AB in Sweden.

The full Nauta organisation obtains the ISO-certification, the evidence that Nauta guarantees quality!

The activities of Espé Nederland in Putten, wholesaler and specialist in the area of keys and locking systems, are taken over and fully integrated in Nauta b.v.

Double joy! Nauta celebrates its 30th anniversary and the new modern building on the Hanzeweg is opened. Furthermore the division structure is carried through; the different activities and markets in which the organisation operates are divided over Nauta b.v., Nauta Sign and Nauta Security Storage b.v.

The commercial activities of Holland Safety Brandkasten BV are continued in a new division Nauta Security Storage b.v.
1989 Take-over of Alfa Metaal BV and Holland Safety Brandkasten BV in Haarlem.
1982 Take-over of Metl-Stick in the United Kingdom in cooperation with Ilco Unican from Canada.
1981 Take-over of the Key Guard production in the Netherlands and the foundation of Benco Holland BV to continue this production.

1978 Move to newly built building on industrial estate De Harselaar in Barneveld.

1974 Take-over of Berthold Neumann & Co, a key manufacturer in Velbert, Germany. The brand name BENCO is derived from this company.

1971 Move to Voorthuizen, a large barn is furnished as a warehouse, office and showroom.


1965 Move to Langbroek, where the company is continued from the garage of the residence.

1963 On 23rd September 1963, Sijne Nauta starts the trading company S.Nauta Agenturen in Gouda.