Sentry 2460 nominated for the Benelux Office Products Award 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Sentry fireproof mediabox 2460 has been nominated for the Benelux Office Products Award 2011. The Sentry 2360 is an economical solution for fire protection of valuable documents and digital media(carriers) such as CDs, DVDs, BluRay, USB sticks and external hard drives.
The Benelux Office Products Awards is a Benelux initiative aimed at emphasizing the innovative force of products in the office market. The Award is widely accepted as a prestigious prize and is still gaining recognition year on year. This is not in the least demonstrated by the large amount of interest from the Benelux and increasingly also from other European countries. The Benelux Office Products Awards, presented for the seventh time in 2011, was created as a platform for important innovative products in the Benelux office market.
The Benelux Office Products Awards is unique in its type. It is the only Award in the Benelux that covers office products and, what is more important, it is not sponsored. Independence is an important issue for the organization behind the Award. The Benelux Office Products Awards is not sponsored and nominees and winners are selected by an independent jury. The members of the jury reflect the variety of companies in the office market and include end-users, dealers and trade-press.
Sentry is the world leader in fire and water resistant document and media boxes. Sentry aspires to the highest standard in the area of design, production and certification (UL and ETL).
It is often thought that fire resistant boxes or safes are expensive. Fortunately, in reality, this is not true! Especially if one considers the financial, economic and emotional value of the items stored.
Whether you are looking for protection of your documents, digital media and valuables against fire or water, the Sentry range offers you the right solution!
Nauta is the official distributor of SentrySafe in the Benelux. The unique dealer concept offers extensive and active sales support. For example professional display material, a complete Sentry website and various Youtube-videos.
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